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Boarding – Daily care of your dog(s).  Daily care includes; feeding,
let out services, general care, administration of general medications (additional charges may apply for extensive treatments), departure brushes and individual exercise (as needed).

Boarding Fees 

Single                   $26/day                               
Double                 $50/day 
Triple                   $74/day
5 or more – call for discounted rates

A Boarding Day consists of the day you drop the dog off, and continues until 11:00 the next morning, after 11:00, a new day begins. Dogs may be dropped off at anytime between 9AM and 5PM on the scheduled arrival day. Dogs picked-up on the schedule departure date between 9AM and 11AM are not charged for the day. Dogs picked-up after 11AM are charged for that day.

We define Peak Period as any local school district vacation day, any major
holiday and the Summer Season (Memorial Weekend through Labor Day
Weekend). We require 2 week notice of changes during a Peak Period.

Area School District Breaks: Christmas Break, February (winter) Break, April (spring) Break, Thanksgiving Break

Holiday Weeks/Weekends: Christmas, Presidents Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day.

Grooming - Our Groomers can provide a full range of services from Bath and Nails to full clip-down services. We perform grooming while the dog is here for Boarding, and also by appointment on weekdays and some weekends. Our Come For Groom (CFG) services has the dog dropped of between 8:30 – 9:00 in the morning and picked-up when done, or by 5:00 PM. 

Because we are a full Boarding facility, our Grooming services are an excellent solution for an older dog, who may not be able to stand on a table for any length of time. We are able to break the service up over a full day, to allow the dog to rest in a boarding run throughout the appointment.

Prices vary by the size of the dog, the length of coat and the condition of the coat/dog.  Please call for an estimate.

Day Care - We provide the same great service we provide for our Boarding and Come For Grooming (CFG) clients as we do for our Day Care guests.  Whether you are going to be a way for the entire day and need us to care for your dog, or cannot have your dog at home for the day, we will keep them safe and secure.  Our Day care services are an excellent solution for some of the following situations:

Painting           Floor Refinishing                                    
Moving            Open House             
Day Trips         Gatherings

Training/Handling - We can help you with basic obedience or show handling. We have substantial experience with helping families learn to live better with their dogs.  We provide help on behavior, nutrition and socialization.  Many of our training clients just need a little help with leash walking and basic obedience commands. Please call to discuss your individual situation and to schedule an appointment.

Serving Onondaga, Madison and Cortland Counties